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Plug and Safe


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The Plug and Safe is the brand new revolutionary way to protect your home.

It is a great deterrent for those that are trying to break into your home. This unit plugs into the wall and works with the vibrations of your home. If you plug a lamp or a radio into the Plug and Safe, the plug and safe will automatically switch on if a window or door is opened or rattled. Meaning that either your lamp or radio will switch on, giving the illusion that someone is at home. Alternatively, some people like to use the plug and safe as a helping hand. Placing it near the front door with the lamp attached to it will stop you from fumbling for the light switch when you get home at night. Simply rattle the door or open it and the Plug and Safe will switch your lamp on.

If you have small children that are now able to reach door handles, your Plug and Safe will let you know when your little one has opened the door so that you can keep an eye on them.

How it Works:

  • Plug your Plug and Safe into the wall.
  • Plug a lamp or a radio into the Plug and Safe.
  • Rotate the dial on the Plug and Safe to adjust the sensitivity of the unit.
  • Switch the lamp/radio on.
  • Wait about 3 minutes and the Plug and Safe will automatically switch the lamp/ radio off.
  • Test it out, go and open a door or window.
  • If the light/radio does not switch on simply adjust the sensitivity dial until you have found the perfect setting for your home.


  • No installation required.
  • Picks up on vibrations of the home.
  • 30 seconds to reset.
  • Automatically turns the device that is plugged into it.
  • Monitors any point of entry of your home.
  • Simple and easy.
  • Intruder deterrent.