Unisex Remedy Health Gel Slippers
Remedy Health Gel Slippers gives you custom comfort while helping to relieve pressure and reduce heel shock by cushioning your every step. The Comfort Gel is sensitive to the heat of your body, firmer in cool temperatures and softer when...
R 399.95 R 249.95
Professional Teeth Whitening Home Kit
A super bright smile awaits you!With Remedy Health Professional Teeth Whitening, you can easily give your teeth a high quality professional dentist-grade whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home. Precise instructions will allow you to shape the provided mouth...
R 349.95
Remedy Health Detox Foot Patches
There are many ways of detoxing or cleansing the system such as fasting, special diets, exercise, sauna, baths and juicing to name a few.The Remedy Health Detox Pads are used on the feet according to the Chinese tradition of foot...
R 179.95
Remedy Health Earwax Removal Swab
The easy way to clean your ears. When too much wax builds up, it can impair hearing or cause an infection. Remedy Health Earwax Removal Swab is the safe, comfortable way to remove ear wax. Using this ear swab is easy....
R 199.95
Plush Fleece Unisex Gel Slippers
Remedy Health Plus Gel Slippers gives you customer comfort, moulding to your foot, while helping to relieve pressure and reduce heel shock by cushioning every step. Features: High density memory foam Skid-proof sole Fuzzy knitted upper Ultra-soft wool like fleece...
R 399.95
Remedy Detox Tea
Give your body the detox it needs with Remedy Detox Tea. Each pyramid shaped tea bag contains the following: Senna leaves. Nettle leaves. Fennel. Buckthorn bark. Anise. Rosehip. Mate leaves. Buckthorn berry. All of these ingredients aid in detoxing the...
R 149.95
Remedy Health Pain Relief Heat Pads
Pack of 5 all-natural ingredients heat pads for pain relief in the neck, shoulders, elbows, arms, back and legs.Top Features: Fast acting formula. Instant pain relief through heat therapy. All natural ingredients. Discreet and comfortable to wear How it works:Heat...
from R 79.95
Inversion Femme
R 399.95
Inversion Femme
INVERSION Femme is the first all-in-one nutritional "anti-ageing" supplement for skin, hair, nails and figure.INVERSION Femme is an "anti-ageing" food supplement which, in one product, slows down the effects of time on the skin (wrinkles and dryness), the hair (thinning),...
R 399.95
Flexyo Neck Massager
What is Flexyo? Flexyo is a non-electric neck massager device, specifically designed to stimulate strategically placed acupressure points, helping relieve stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back muscles. The soothing portable 10 minute neck reliever that works...
R 699.00
Health Tech Collagen Bracelet
Replenish your body's natural collagen and keep your skin firm and looking young. The Health Tech Collagen bracelet provides you with the easist way to get your daily dose of collagen. The bracelet releases collagen directly into your skin with...
R 799.95
Portable UV Air Purifyer
Portable UV air purifyer is designed to use UV-C light to kill airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses. The Powerful UV-C light can kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria without any additional liquid or chemicals. The...
R 999.95
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