Zip-up Compression Socks

Zip-up Compression Socks


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Unisex Socks for Maternity, Athletics, Travel and Nurses.

Zip-up Open Toe Compression Socks are designed to help prevent the occurrence of and guard against further progression of, venous disorders such as phlebitis and thrombosis. They provide mild compression for warmth, enhancing blood movement through the legs. The Zip-up Compression Socks not only prevent cramping, fatigue and swelling but also help muscle recovery, spider, varicose veins and lower feet oedema. This reduces circulation related discomfort and aids to make long flights, long rides or any prolonged sitting more bearable.

The toe-less design accommodates large shoe sizes. Each pair of socks has a built-in zipper to secure a snug fit. There is enough flexible texture for stretching to fit comfortably, the zipper does not have an inside insert, to avoid poking. The socks are designed with a high heel reinforcement which also supports prolonged sitting periods.

The anti-odour and anti-static fabric stop the growth of bacteria and fungus, while wicking moisture/sweat away from your feet. Deodorizes and keeps you dry even with longer use