Voice Activated Monster Truck

Voice Activated Monster Truck


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We have taken Monster Trucks to the next level with the voice commands function. Now you no longer need a remote control to drive your Monster Truck around, all you need to do is speak commands into the watch-like voice receiver. 

The voice receiver sits on your arm just like a normal watch would. All you need to do is speak out the 10 different commands in English, to get the Monster Truck to do what you want it to! The SmartWatch has other features of its own that you can enjoy.

With this awesome Monster Truck with Voice Command Function, you can drive the Truck with your voice. Listen to real engine sounds and tyre screeching. 

Available Commands and Functions:

  • Forward- Moves the vehicle forward.
  • Go Back- Reverses the vehicle.
  • Stop- Stops the vehicle.
  • Right- Turns the vehicle to the right.
  • Left- Turns the vehicle to the left.
  • Demo- The vehicle shows off its functions.
  • Turbo- Boost the vehicles speed for 2 seconds when moving forward.
  • Engine- The lights and sounds of the engine go on/ off.
  • Horn Blared- Hooter sounds.
  • Speed- High Speed/ Low Speed.

The SmartWatch has functions of its own if you don't feel like shouting commands, you can play around with these buttons:

  • Start/Stop.
  • Forward.
  • Backward.
  • Speed.
  • Voice Receiver.
  • Horn.
  • Turn Right.
  • Turn Left.

Requires 4 x AA Batteries for the vehicle (not included) and 4 x AG13/ LR44 Button Cell Batteries for the watch style remote controller.