Tonewear Thermal Arm Shaper

Tonewear Thermal Arm Shaper


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Slim down your arms with the Tonewear Arm Shaper. The comfortable arm shaper makes is specifically designed not only to slim down your arms while you exercise but to protect them too!


Why you need the Tonewear Arm Shaper

  • Sweat it up!
    • Thanks to the neoprene thermal, airproof fabric used to create the arm shaper you are able to heat up your muscles faster! Allowing you to sweat up to three times more than usual.
  • Burn arm fat and slim down your arms!
    • Due to the thermal nature of the arm sleeve the blood circulation in your arms increase and assists in the even distribution of the fat cells in your arms.
    • Simply sweat away extra centimetres in your arms as it's high compression microfibres get to work in turning up the heat around your arms. You can speed this process up by exercising with the Tonewear Arm Shaper on.
  • Protection!
    • Not only does this sleeve cover your arms and protect your elbow joint should you fall, but the compression of the sleeve also ensures that tension on the joint when exercising is lowered.
    • The heating of the muscles also prevents post-workout fatigue, injuries as well as releasing any toxins in the body.
  • Sweat Absorbent!
    • The material of the sleeves are sweat-absorbent which means that you won't get any nasty rashes or any other sweat related side effects when wearing the sleeves.
  • Comfortable!
    • The Tonewear Arm Shaper is super comfortable and light-weight. The stretchy fabric moulds and moves with the body while performing any activity.

Colours are male and female friendly, as it is black on one side and red on the other. Making the sleeves reversible! 


Washing tips:

  • Hand wash
  • Flat dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not twist or ring
  • Do not dry under harsh sunlight.

*Only available in size M / 32 - 34.

Sold as a pair