Soapy Sponge Dispenser

Soapy Sponge Dispenser


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Make cleaning an absolute breeze with the Soapy Sponge Dispenser! Thanks to the refillable soap-dispensing capsule that fits neatly into the sponge, you will get the perfect amount of soap for our wash every time. No need to keep adding soap to your dishwater. 

Pack Includes:

  • 3 x sponges.
  • 1 x soap capsule.
  • 1 x suction cup sponge holder.

Features and Benefits:

  • There is less soap wastage due to the slow release of soap, you won't need to keep adding more.
  • The capsule pops out of the sponge for easy refill and replace.
  • The sponge has a triple-layer construction to ensure that it is well equipped for any and all cleaning tasks.
  • There is a suction cup sponge holder included to ensure that your sponge dries nicely after each wash and it is easy to access while keeping it out of the way. The sponge holder ensures that no soapy residue is left on your sink or countertops.