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Rower Max is a rowing machine that targets more areas on your body in less time. Without the impact of running or other cardiovascular activities, you still get the heart health, exercise. The computer monitors your progress so that you always know how well you are doing. When not in use, it folds down.

Benefits and Features of the Rower Max:
  • Low Impact
Low impact cardio, it is so much fun to use that you will really forget that you are working out at all until you start to notice your results.
  • Work Nine Areas
Using the Rower Max you get to work nine separate muscle groups including your lats, shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, glutes, quads, and thighs.
  • Lots of Resistance
With each order, you get the sculpting cords, unit, and manual. Built-in onboard tracking computer makes it easier for you to use the workout plans correctly.
  • Easy to Set up and Take Down
Easy to store because it folds up and can be tucked away almost the same way a ladder or vacuum is stored. Set up is just as simple as storage.
  • Portable
Using the Rower Max is a nice way to improve your workout without the added stress or pain of a more intense workout routine. Given its collapsible nature and the fact that you can change the motions with the same level of resistance, it works well for most people. Commercial gyms or regular workouts might not meet the needs of everyone, which is why this machine is so beneficial.
  • No Power Source Needed
There is no power source required, so theoretically you can take this machine with you anywhere you go, changing the scenery if you choose. For example, you might use it to workout in your living room one day, then when the weather improves, work out in the yard. When you are done, all you need to do is store it safely.
  • Three Exercises in One

Tone, tighten, and sculpt the body with various workouts all in one machine.

Directions for Use:

In order to use all of the nine different muscles in your exercise routine, this unit has different ways to exercise.

  • Classic motions of rowing are achieved by placing your feet at the base and pulling at the bar, much the same way you would in a boat. Doing so gives you great cardio workouts.
  • Toning the core is done by using the handlebar to mimic paddle-boarding motions, something which engages the core abdominal muscles. Replicating the movements of kayaking is what targets all of the nine muscle groups at the same time.