Remedy Health Tooth Whitening Brush

Remedy Health Tooth Whitening Brush


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Brushing and whitening your teeth has never been this easy. Thanks to the Remedy Health Tooth Whitening Brush you are able to clean your teeth while performing other tasks. Simply, place the U silica gel brush head into your mouth before selecting the setting that you want and your teeth will get the cleaning and whitening that they deserve.
  • Multiple settings
    • Strong mode
    • Medium mode
    • Massage mode
    • Whitening mode
  • AI automatic memory function means that the device will remember your last chosen mode and start up with that one.
    • Cold light teeth whitening
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used with traditional toothpaste
    • 45 seconds for 3D ultrasonic clean
    • Prevents multiple oral diseases
    • Fits both top and bottom set of teeth
    • When starting the brush, the blue light automatically turns on which kills bacteria, removes calculus and plaque.

    Please note product is only available in pink.

    What's in the Box:

    • Antibacterial silica gel brush head mouth tray.
    • Fuselage LED transparent window
    • Toothbrush Fuselage
    • USB charging station with charging interface.
    • USB charging cable.
    • User Manual


    • Product size: 30mm x 65mm x 114mm
    • Rated voltage: 3.2 ~ 3.7 V
    • Rated power: 5 Watts
    • Charge time: 90 minutes
    • Strong torsion force 5000-12000Hz vibration, removing 99.9% of oral bacteria effectively.