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Power Wallet


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The Power Wallet is an aluminium wallet with a built-in power bank.

The Power Wallet doubles as a power bank, making it a cool rechargeable wallet. It is great for storing all of your wallet essentials and if that wasn't enough you can charge your phone with the Power Wallet too!

Not only is this wallet slim and trendy but it is also super lightweight. To ensure that your money and cards are kept safe, the wallet is both RFID and water resistant. RFID resistant means that no one will be able to scan your cards through your wallet with radio-frequency identification. Thanks to the aluminium shell of the wallet, it is practically indestructible which means that you should never have an issue charging your devices or worrying that your money is at risk.

Specifications of the Power Wallet:

  • Contains 2500 mAh universal power bank.
  • USB and Micro USB Ports.
  • Designed for both men and women.
  • Carries all wallet essentials: cash, cards, papers.
  • RFID resistant.

Power Wallet includes:

  • USB cable.
  • Power button.
  • 5 card compartment.