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You can now have your very own paracord bracelet of your own design. Not only will this paracord help you when you go out into the wilderness, but it can also look really cool too!

With hundreds of colours to choose from you will never get bored with your Paracordz bracelet. Create your own designs to make your unique style apparent. If bracelets aren't your thing, then you could always create a keyring, clip-on accessories and so much more.


    There are many Paracordz Kits to choose from:

    • Paracordz Jig: this is great for beginners as it gives you a place to easily set up and create your paracord masterpiece. It comes with:
      • jig.
      • 3 x 250cm paracord.


    • Paracordz 6 Piece Set: 
      • 6 x 230cm paracords.
      • 4 x big buckles.
      • 2 x small buckles.
      • Instruction sheet.


    • Paracordz Gift Box:
      • 16 x 250cm paracords in different colours.
      • 1 x knotted bracelet.
      • 16 x buckles.
      • Instructions.


    • Glow-in-the-Dark Paracordz:
      • 1 x 250 cm glow in the dark paracord.
      • 1 x buckle.
      • 1 x instruction sheet.


    • Paracordz 2 Piece:
      • 2 x 230cm paracords.
      • 2 x buckles.
      • 1 x instruction sheet.