Nano Fix Liquid Screen Protector

Nano Fix Liquid Screen Protector


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Reduce Bacteria and Radiation on your phone with Nanofixit Liquid Screen Protection. With this great screen protector, your device will become ultra-scratch resistant and protected against cell phone radiation and bacteria. This is a Universal screen protector compatible with all Apple, Samsung, Sony and other branded phones.

Top Benefits:
  • Reduction of radiation. 
  • Anti-bacterial properties.
  • Scratch resistance with 9H hardness.
After the easy wipe on, application, it becomes 100% invisible, undetectable, bubble free and does not interfere with the functionality of your screen. No sticking.

Bonus Benefits:
  • Ultra Scratch Resistant screen.
  • Enhances the colours of the screen (HD effect).
  • Enhances the effectiveness of the camera lens and quality of pictures taken.
  • Reduces Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by 90%.
  • Resistant to both acid and alkaline.
  • Protection against water and humidity (Hydrophobicity).
  • Protection against oil and oil-based substances (Oleophobicity).
  • Easy to apply.
  • Bubble-free protection.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Lasts for up to 2 years.

  • Melanin alcohol wipe.
  • A non-woven cloth soaked in NanoFixIt Liquid.
  • 0.25ml NanoFixIt Liquid.
  • Microfiber Wipe.
*Melanin alcohol wipe is specially designed to clean the screen surface and is proven to be the best cleaning device for nanoscale uneven surfaces such as glass. The cleanliness of the glass surface prior to application is a key factor in the success of the ultimate result.

**The non-woven cloth is different from other manufacturers that provide a thin paper wipe soaked with alcohol-based liquid. NanoFixIt Titanium Liquid is water based and the woven cloth function as a liquid storage vessel which contains 0.3ml (phone) and 0.5ml (tablet)

Easy to Apply:
  • Clean the surface.
  • Apply the product.
  • Polish the surface.