Milex Pop Phone Handset

Milex Pop Phone Handset


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The Milex Pop Phone Handset is a really fun and retro way to answer your cellphone. All you need to do is plug the Pop Phone Handset into the aux cable port of your cellphone. 

What makes these handsets so great is that you can still work on your cellphone while on a call. If you need to find information on your cellphone while on a call with someone, you don't need to worry about pulling the phone away from your ear and making your caller wait. The Pop Phone Handset is also really popular among the ladies as their makeup no longer gets left behind on the cellphone screen making it difficult to clean and leaving oils, makeup marks across your touch screen cellphone.


  • A soft, rubberised exterior.
  • Easy to hold and comfortable to press against your ear.
  • Great, high quality, clear and loud speaker sound.