LED Christmas Dazzler

LED Christmas Dazzler


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Make Your Tree Dazzle!

The vertical bulb strand design prevents tangling. Watch as your Christmas tree transforms into a vivid display of colourful lights. LED Christmas Dazzler has light patterns and colour choices for everyone that can be changed with just the touch of a button. The durable LED bulbs create an amazing light show on any Christmas Tree!

Choose between solid colours, alternating colours, sparkling colours, scrolling patterns, or diagonal waves of sparkling light.

The Dazzler has three Light Show Modes which are as follows:

  • Still: displays solid or alternating lights in the following colours: red, blue, green, white, candy cane, and rainbow.
  • Shimmer: makes your tree twinkle with blinking lights in the following colours: red, blue, green, pink/purple, and rainbow.
  • Show: scrolling patterns and vertical waves of colourful and sparkling light in the following patterns: streaming colours, Christmas scroll, multicolour cascade, rainbow fade, and 8-colour spin.


How to use it:

  • Place the ring around the top of your Christmas Tree.
  • Position the strands of light bulbs as you want around your tree.
  • Plug it in and switch it on!

LED Christmas Dazzler is stackable allowing you to add even more holiday cheer! This awe-inspiring display boasts 64 animated lights and is great for trees that reach between 1.8m and 2.2m

Let your Christmas tree explode with light as you turn it into the star of the show with LED Christmas Dazzler!