IGIA Micro Ladies Hair Shaver

IGIA Micro Ladies Hair Shaver


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Water resistant electric shaver for ladies.

Benefits of the Micro Ladies Hair Shaver:

  • Works on face, body and bikini hair

This electric personal shaver by IGIA allows ladies to effectively shave their legs, armpits, facial hair like the upper lip and unibrow. What's more is that this shaver is great for the bikini line hair too. 

  • Easily Shave Tricky Areas

The rounded micro shaver head has stainless steel precision blades that make shaving hard to reach curves and edges so much easier.

  • Portable and Easy to Travel With

The compact design allows you to conveniently travel with your mini shaver. It is also battery operated, cordless and completely portable. (Requires 1 x AA battery - not included)

  • Say Goodbye to Nicks, Cuts and Stubble

This electric female shaver protects your skin from the nicks and cuts that normal razors are prone to cause. It also prevents your hair from growing back thicker and darker after a shave.

  • No Shaving Cream Needed

The electric shaver removes hair in a single stroke. Because you won’t need to shave over the same area of skin several times, no protective layer like shaving cream, soap or gel is needed when using this shaver/trimmer. 

Top Features:

  • Water-resistant.
  • Rounded shaver head for easy targeting.
  • Stainless steel precision blades.
  • Completely portable and cordless.
  • Battery operated - Uses 1 x AA battery - not included.
  • Convenient to travel with.
  • Purple in colour.