Hot and Cold Evertone Thermopulse

Hot and Cold Evertone Thermopulse


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The Evertone Thermo pulse is ideal for relieving sore and fatigued muscles as it promotes blood circulation. The adjustable belt comes with hot and cold gel pads to provide you with soothing relief. The hot pad is used to rejuvenate tired muscles and the cold pad is used for pain relief. The extendable nylon belt features a 10-minute auto-off function and is fully adjustable for your abdomen, back, legs, neck and hands


  • 1 Thermopulse vibration belt
  • 1 hot gel pad
  • 1 cold gel pad
  • Instruction manual


  • Vibrating massager with hot and cold treatment to assist with tension and stress relief.
  • The vibrations promote blood circulation.
  • Hot or cold therapy provides a relaxing muscle massage. 
  • These massages relieve aches and pain.
  • This product is available for use on the back, neck, shoulders, tummy, arms, thighs, legs and calves.
  • Made out of soft durable material making it comfortable to wear and easy to use.