Homemax Bag Bungee

Homemax Bag Bungee


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Bag Bungee is easy to slip over the handle of your suitcase, elastic strap that allows you to stack your baggage vertically. This allows you to have a free hand. The luggage straps are lightweight and convenient. These straps can be folded when not in use and they are easy to remove and store.  The Bag Bungee strap can be adjusted, to accommodate the size of the bag and they are completely flexible.

The straps are made with solid stitching and quality microfiber. They boast a high-quality nylon material which is stretchy and gentle.

This strap can be used on handbags, luggage, totes, briefcases, carts and wheeled luggage. Allowing you to free your hands and make travelling or outings a little easier. What's more is that the Bag Bungee can hold up to 35kg of additional luggage.

Bag Bungee will keep a second bag, jacket, suitcase or handbag from falling on the floor. Now you no longer have to worry about your laptop bag falling off your rolling carry-on.