Heavy Duty Support Inner Soles

Heavy Duty Support Inner Soles


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Do you often feel lower back pain as well as foot and leg fatigue when you stand for extended periods? The Heavy Duty Support Inner Soles are the solution for you! It is specifically designed to reduce the shock waves that your feet endure when walking or standing. It does so by using its uniquely designed foam cushioning. This cushioning also prevents the shock from aggravating your joints. Thanks to the novel design these shock absorbers stabilize the foot and reduce any stress on your joints. The Heavy Duty Inner Soles are clinically proven to relieve pain in the knees, feet and hips.

These Heavy Duty Support Inner Soles are available for men and women. However, if your feet are smaller, there are guidelines underneath the sole to direct you where to cut so that it perfectly fits your foot size.

Directions for Use:

  • Before using, ensure that your shoes are clean and dry.
  • Remove the plastic backing and be sure to look out for the clearly marked (L) left and (R) right inner sole.
  • Be sure to place the correct sole in each shoe, sticky side down.
  • Place the insole so that that the raised area is in line with the arch of your foot, this area must make direct contact with your foot arch.
  • Shift it as needed to ensure that it fits comfortably under your foot's natural arch.
  • Replace the soles after 6 months of use or the first signs of wear.
  • If you wish to remove the insole, slowly and gently pull it out of the shoe.