Fridge Fresh - Berry Breeze

Fridge Fresh - Berry Breeze


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Keep food fresher for longer in your fridge!

The Fridge Fresh is an oxygen generator that is specifically designed to keep your produce fresher for longer. It does this by safeguarding your fruits and vegetables against any bacteria, mould and ethylene gasses. These all cause your fresh produce to ripen, decay and spoil in your fridge.

Benefits of the Fridge Fresh:

  • Fresh food for longer.
  • Neutralises mould, yeast, fungus and ethylene gas.
  • Saves you money in food that is no longer wasted.
  • Reduces odours in your fridge.

Directions for Use:

  • Simply insert 4x D sized batteries (not included) into the Fridge Fresh.
  • Place it on the top shelf of your fridge. The green light will then display on the device for a steady 60 minutes. Thereafter the device will go into standby mode and the green light will flick periodically.
  • The Fridge Fresh is maintenance free and simple to use!
  • There are no filters or absorption packs to clean or replace.