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Dust Daddy is an innovative dust removal tool which can be attached to any vacuum. It is the best tool ever for cleaning those hard to reach places your normal vacuum nozzle cannot get to. The 30 small and slim tubes are designed to remove dust and particles from places, such as keyboards, shutters, vents, drawers, jewellery boxes, cars, window blinds, furniture and so on. Dust Daddy helps you to effectively remove dust in the tightest and most difficult areas to reach.

The micro-size suction tubes are made of soft, high-quality plastic which will not break easily. It is durable and ensures that the pipe will not fall off during use. These tiny suction tubes are flexible allowing it to get nearly anywhere dust hides. Thanks to the uniquely designed ergonomic grip of the Dust Daddy you are ensured comfort and control of the dust removal tool. The Dust Daddy is compact and lightweight, allowing the user to easily remove the dust in the house. You will be amazed at what it can do.