HomeMax Air MaXX Digital Air Pump

HomeMax Air MaXX Digital Air Pump


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What You Can Expect From the HomeMax Air MaXX Digital Air Pump

A fast and easy way to fill up your tyres.

The Pump automatically stops airflow once your inflatable has reached the perfect pressure.

To make things easier for you, the pump has a built-in light.

It is handy for sports balls, pool toys, air mattresses & more!

Never be stuck with low air in your tyres again. Your tyres always seem to be low on air at the most inopportune time, luckily you never have to be stuck in that predicament with the rechargeable digital tyre pump. Simply attach the hose to your tyre, set your desired pressure, and press the trigger. Your tyres will fill instantly. Even at night, the pump lends a helping hand, thanks to the built-in LED light so you can see what you’re doing.

It has an extra-long 14-foot car power cable. The Digital Air Pump compressor takes the fear and guesswork out of over-or-under-inflating your tires with its easy to use, auto-stop feature! The Pump has the power to pump up all kinds of tyres.

What’s included:

HomeMax Air MaXX Digital Air Pump with built-in LED light
14-foot Car Power Cable
Pressure Hose
Ball Adapter Pin
Balloon Adapter Pin