Homemax Multifunctional Collapsible Basin

Homemax Multifunctional Collapsible Basin


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The Collapsible Basin is a must have for the home! It boasts an ergonomic space saving design, allowing it to collapse and fold up which is great for saving cupboard space! 

The Collapsible Basin folds up to be under 5 cm high. It is great to carry your things around, from picnic goods to groceries. All you need to do is simply fold it away when you are done and it takes up next to no space. Leave it in your car for Emergencies; you’d never know when you need a bucket, especially when your car breaks down.


  • New multifunctional design silicone plastic folding kitchen shopping basket or basin
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Two strong handles can be used on the shoulder
  • Foldable into 3 different sizes of basket
  • Material: High elasticity silicone material
  • Retractable and Portable
  • Travel-friendly - Great for camping - Bring it along with you on your travels. Collapse it, pack into your luggage, and use it as a Sand bucket in the beach, especially for kids.

For those Apartment dwellers, you can just collapse this bucket and slot it away. No more problems with space issues/

Great as a Beer cooler bucket, anywhere you go!

Kids will love these to collect their candy during Halloween. It’s soft and you can easily dress it up! You can reuse them year after year.

Million-ways to use this Basin.