3-in-1 Multi-Cutter

3-in-1 Multi-Cutter


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The 3-in-1 Multi-Cutter is a great razor sharp blade that is a complete dream for those who love DIY. This Multi-Cutter offers more than just being simple garden sheers. Instead, you can expect a tool that can effortlessly cut through electrical wires, rope, carpet, tree limbs and even chain. More so, part of the cutter retracts so that you are left with a handy blade. The blade can be used as a utility knife whereby you can perform tasks like cutting boxes, drywall, carpet and more.

Features of the 3-in-1 Multi-Cutter:

  • Razor sharp blade.
  • Ergonomic rubber handles, allowing easier grip.
  • Cut less than 0.5 cm thick materials with ease!
  • Titanium coated wire cutter, allows you to easily and safely trim copper, steel and aluminium wire that is under 0.5cm.
  • Highly practical, this tool can be used in the shop, at home or in your garden.
  • There is a safety lock that ensures your Multi-Cutter stays closed when not in use.


  • 3 x replacement steel blades in the handle.
  • Safety instructions.
  • Warning: If any part of the tool seems to be malfunctioning or damaged, stop using the product.

This product is great for cutting boxes and wires, doing garden work and to use in your workshop.