EcoBright 2-in-1 Solar Buzz Kill

EcoBright 2-in-1 Solar Buzz Kill


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The 2-in-1 Solar Buzz Kill is your permanent, chemical-free pest control solution. No longer worry about pesky bugs flying around you and biting you. Whether you are sitting indoors or outdoors the Solar Buzz Kill has you covered.

The Buzz Kill makes use of a AAA rechargeable battery, which is continually recharged by the sun. All you have to do is simply switch it on and suction cup it to the wall or window. 

How it Works: 

  • The Buzz Kill uses a bright blue plasma LED light that attracts bugs.
  • There is a spinning mechanism inside the unit that sucks bugs in.
  • Once the bugs fly in they get zapped eliminating them on contact.


To clean the Buzz Kill simply twist the top off and empty it out. To keep a constant charge we suggest that you keep the unit outside, in the sun during the day. When it comes to night time, you can decide to keep the Buzz Kill outside while you sit on the patio or simply pop it inside to ensure you don't get irritated by mosquitos while you sleep or to avoid waking up with any insect bites.