Homemax Platinum Fantastic Results
Homemax Platinum Fantastic Results the ultimate all-rounder for your car It has never been easier to make your car or motorcycle shine. The cleaning effect is even higher, the sealing effect even more intense and the protective effect for the lacquer...
R 499.95 R 199.95
ClearZone Blind Spot Mirror (Set of 2)
Eliminate blind spots while driving with the Blind Spot Mirror. It is easy to install, easy to adjust and fits on all vehicles.  This wide-angle mirror will fit on the following vehicles: Cars. Trucks. Bakkies. Buses. Trailers. SUVs. Make driving...
R 299.95 R 99.95
HomeMax Air MaXX Digital Air Pump
What You Can Expect From the HomeMax Air MaXX Digital Air Pump A fast and easy way to fill up your tyres. The Pump automatically stops airflow once your inflatable has reached the perfect pressure. To make things easier for...
R 999.95 R 299.95
GS27 Leather Cleaner & Condition Interior Care 375ml
Leather is a highly durable material that provides great comfort and gives a beautiful luxurious appearance. Due to harsh sun exposure and much wear and tear, leather can fade and start cracking. It is therefore important to look after and...
R 399.95 R 199.95
GS27 HeadLamp Restorer Kit
Over time, plastic headlamps become yellowed and tarnished, making them less transparent. The consequence is a reduction of light intensity which means less visibility at night. This can be dangerous and can lead to vehicle inspection failure. In an answer...
R 999.95 R 399.95
GS27 Titanium Gel Wheel Cleaner
GS27 Titanium Gel Wheel Cleaner clings longer to wheel surfaces, giving a more precise, deeper clean. Thanks to its gel formula containing surfactants and Titanium®, it removes brake dust and stubborn road residue, leaving an intense shine and a protective...
R 399.95 R 199.95
 GS27 Titanium Ultra Shine & Protection Automotive Wax
The GS27 Titanium Ultra Shine & Protection Automotive Wax is a highly concentrated Titanium wax designed to give your car an ultra-clean and glowing shine. The resistant Titanium component also provides a protective layer against harsh UV rays, rain, hail,...
R 699.95 R 349.95
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