Milex Nordic Ice Machine
R 4,399.95 R 2,999.95
Milex Nordic Ice Machine
The Milex Nordic Ice will be the perfect accessory to any home, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold beverage on a hot summer’s day. The Milex Nordic Ice you choose between small ice and large ice to suit...
R 4,399.95 R 2,999.95
Copper Chef 28cm Pan without lid
Cook without using butter or oil! A Copper Chef pan is the most versatile pan you’ll ever own! Use it on an electric or gas stovetops OR use it in your oven to bake pastries or roast meat and vegetables.The...
R 599.95
Milex Retro Popcorn Maker
R 2,199.95
Milex Retro Popcorn Maker
Fresh, hot, buttery and delicious popcorn.....Best in hot air technology On a cosy movie night, the children's birthday party or just for a cheerful scrabble match, treat yourself and the family to a warm bowl of crispy popcorn made to...
R 2,199.95
Forged in Fire 30cm Pan
Engineered to be a tough, reliable pan, its never stick 5 layer fire Glide coating prevents foods from sticking and its comfort grip stay-cool handle is designed to secure your grip and prevent slips. The Forged in Fire pans are built to...
R 749.95
Milex Power AirFryer 3.6L
The Milex Power Airfryer 3.6L is the latest seven-in-one, 3.6-litre capacity Airfryer in the Milex product range. The Power Airfryer’s secret is in its Rapid Hot Air Technology which allows you to cook healthier versions of your favourite fried foods...
R 1,999.95
Milex Power Industrial Floor Fan – 35cm
Say goodbye to those sleepless nights and draining heat waves with a Milex Power Fan to keep you cool, calm, and collected this summer.  For fast cooling, there is nothing like a fan to circulate the fresh cool air and...
R 999.95
Milex Portable Electric Clothes Dryer
Drying your clothes has never been this easy. Milex introduces the eco- friendly way to dry your clothes while preventing odour and removing up to 99.3% of bacteria from wet clothes. The  warm air motor leaves your garments with a...
R 1,499.95
Milex XL Power Industrial Floor Fan - 40cm
Say goodbye to those sleepless nights and draining heat waves with a Milex XL Power Fan to keep you cool, calm and collected this summer. For fast cooling, there is nothing like a fan to circulate the fresh cool air and our...
R 1,099.95 R 899.95
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Homemax Clever Tray - 2 in a pack
Keep your food fresh for longer.The smart tray is stackable and space-saving. Each size of this tray is 12*9*1.1 inches, it also can be stacked into a refrigerator, freezers, or cabinets after being filled with food, so there is no...
R 199.95
Floormax Universal Utility Holder
Are your cleaning supplies piling up in your laundry room? Is your garage or tool shed in disarray?Floormax Utility Holder is the solution to your problems.  This wall organiser is designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying...
R 199.95
Homemax Space Saving Hanger
Increase your cupboard space with the Homemax Space Saving Hanger. You can now keep clothes both organised and wrinkle-free. With this great new space saver, you don't have to worry about littering your cupboard floor with clothes that have fallen off...
R 299.95
Milex Crumby Mini Desk Vaccum
Mini palm-sized worktop vacuum cleaner Milex Crumby is the great little hand-held, palm-sized mini vacuum cleaner that's just perfect for all those little messes around your home. With a powerful micro-vortex motor that spins up to 8,000 rpm and specially...
R 199.95
Plug and Safe
The Plug and Safe is the brand new revolutionary way to protect your home. It is a great deterrent for those that are trying to break into your home. This unit plugs into the wall and works with the vibrations...
R 499.95
3-in-1 Multi-Cutter
R 399.95
3-in-1 Multi-Cutter
The 3-in-1 Multi-Cutter is a great razor sharp blade that is a complete dream for those who love DIY. This Multi-Cutter offers more than just being simple garden sheers. Instead, you can expect a tool that can effortlessly cut through...
R 399.95
Remedy Health First Aid Medicine Box
An essential item for every home. Double-layer medicine box. Perfect for storage the first aid kits, supplements and prescription medicine bottles, small pills. It can carry outdoor as a first aid kit container for family, office, business, or sports team,...
R 249.95
Homemax Freshseal Vacuum Sealer
The Homemax Vacuum Sealer is a compact food sealing device that ensures your food stays fresher for longer! Preserve your food from harmful bacteria and seal in the freshness! What's in the box: 1 x Freshseal Vacuum Sealer. 4 x...
R 399.95 R 99.95
Mason Anti-theft USB Backpack
Introducing the new and improved Mason Anti-theft Backpack. This backpack is perfect for you to take along with you when travelling or simply while walking in the park. Thanks to the strong fabric and ingenious stitching of this backpack, thieves...
R 499.95
Anti Fog Protective Safety Goggle
The Remedy Health Anti-Fog Protective Safety Goggles has a clear lens offering a 180°  wide vision. Features: Anti Fog lensAdjustable strap  Chemical Splash Eye Protection Soft Lightweight Eyewear
R 99.95
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