Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx
The Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx, has been upgraded!  The Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx truly is the optimal solution when it comes to hair removal for all body areas.  Why you will love it: Makes use of Home Pulsed Light (HPL)...
R 4,999.95
Igia Derma Suction Pore Cleanser
Clear your skin of its blackheads and impurities with the Derma Suction Pore Cleanser. Thanks to the vacuum action of the Derma Suction you no longer have to squeeze! The vacuum is able to extract both dirt and oils from...
R 279.95
Allura Purifying Peel-Off Mask
The Purifying peel-off Mask smoothes the texture of the skin and increases vitality. Who wouldn't want blemish free, youthful looking skin?This deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells and impurities while the vitamins and plant extracts soften the skin...
R 299.95
Inversion Femme
INVERSION Femme is the first all-in-one nutritional "anti-ageing" supplement for skin, hair, nails and figure.INVERSION Femme is an "anti-ageing" food supplement which, in one product, slows down the effects of time on the skin (wrinkles and dryness), the hair (thinning),...
R 399.95
IGIA Flexible Mirror
R 599.95 R 499.95
IGIA Flexible Mirror
Do you struggle to see all of your blemishes in the mirror to treat them correctly? Or do you get to an event, only for your friend to tell you that your base is uneven? Well then the IGIA Flexible...
R 599.95 R 499.95
Allura Gold Collagen Peel-Off Mask
This revolutionary gold collagen peel-off mask effortlessly slips onto your face and leaves you with a lasting radiant youthful glow and simply gorgeous skin.The Allura Gold facial peel-off mask is formulated with a combination of plant collagen and 99.999% pure 24-carat gold...
R 299.95
Rechargable Hot & Cold Blackhead Remover Vacuum
Effectively clean the oil, impurities and dust particles clogged in your skin pores. Remove blackheads, increase blood circulation & skin elasticity, tighten up loose skin, lessen wrinkles, smooth your fine lines. The blackhead remover is a perfect solution to get rid...
R 799.95
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