Total Crunch Full Body Workout System
  Total Crunch is an innovative training system that helps you with training and shaping your back, shoulders, pectorals, biceps, triceps, abs, glutes, hips and thighs all at the same time. How it Works: Total Crunch uses a compound movement...
R 1,499.95 R 1,199.95
Total10 Full Body Home Workout Machine
Full Body Workout in just 10minutes. The ultimate home workout machine to target and tone the whole body. Cancel that gym membership and still get the body of your dreams with the TOTAL10 – it’s a total body workout. The...
R 2,499.95
11 in 1 Gliding Core Trainer
The 11 in 1 Shaper Exercise Bench features handle bars, sliding seat, and adjustable height settings. With up to 11 different exercise modes, working your core stability and all major muscle groups with one machine. Machine dimensions: 44cm x 108cm x...
R 1,499.95
Vibro Shape Belt
R 799.95
Vibro Shape Belt
If you don't have time to exercise then the Vibro Shape Belt is for you.This amazing Vibro Shape slimming can be used to firm up: Shoulders Hips Abs Thighs Buns Arms Calves You can use this amazing device while lying...
R 799.95
Igia AbSculptor
AbSculptor is an at-home workout device that comes with a 6 weeks meal plan, nutritional guide and Phil Tyne's 3 minute and advanced workouts.  The backrest allows you to align your spine while you work on your abs and it...
R 1,099.95
Power Fit Vibration Plate
Strengthen your muscles and increase blood circulation with the Power Fit Vibration Plate.  The Power Fit Vibration Plate uses high-frequency vibrations to deeply penetrate your muscle tissue. This assists in the enhancing of muscle strength while increasing blood circulation. The...
R 3,999.95
EMS Smart Massager Hip Trainer
The EMS impulse wave stimulates the hip muscles movement, lifts up hips to make them plump and elastic, offering you firm and well-built hips.  EMS uses electric stimulation to create an involuntary muscle contraction. It targets fast-twitch muscle and therefore...
R 1,299.95
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