Floormax - Roto Clean Floor Sweeper
Cleaning made easy!!! Let's face it, nobody enjoys cleaning up a mess on the floor with a dustpan and brush. Thanks to the Roto Clean Sweeper you will be able to pick up small objects like pet food and cereal...
R 299.95
FloorMax Broom & Dustpan
A great choice for those who don't have much storage space, the FloorMax Broom & Dustpan clips together and folds to fit in small gaps. The entire unit is made from high quality durable plastic. There's even a rubber lip...
R 299.95
25L Manual Sweeper
R 4,999.95 R 3,999.95
25L Manual Sweeper
The 25L Manual push sweeper is designed for cleaning up smooth or uneven surfaces, like asphalt, concrete or pavers around the home, shed or carport. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, using the 25L Manual push sweeper you can complete the job six times faster...
R 4,999.95 R 3,999.95
Floormax Top Mop Plus
Introducing a revolution in cleaning! The Top Mop Plus is a complete cleaning system, which includes a spinning action mop and dual chamber bucket. The super soft absorbent microfibre mop head picks up even the finest dirt, and won't damage...
R 479.95
Floormax Wonder Mop
Mopping just became as simple as DIP and Mop! The Wonder Mop has a durable microfiber cloth pad that captures all kinds of dirt & cleans surfaces thoroughly. This Microfiber technology is so effective that you don’t even need to...
R 399.95
Floormax - Flexi Mop
For those of you who struggle to clean certain hard to reach places in your home, then the Flexi-Mop is definitely the solution for you. With a flexible shaft, this mop can reach almost any space that you struggle to...
R 199.95
Floormax Smart Mop Deluxe
MOPPING JUST BECAME AS SIMPLE AS DIP AND MOP!Now you can rinse and mop with clean water every time! The secret is its innovative dual chamber bucket and spin technology, that rinses your mop with clean water from an inner...
R 599.95
Floormax Universal Utility Holder
Are your cleaning supplies piling up in your laundry room? Is your garage or tool shed in disarray?Floormax Utility Holder is the solution to your problems.  This wall organiser is designed to hold various household objects with handles of varying...
R 199.95
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