Allura Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder
Whiten your teeth completely and naturally.Want to finally show off the white smile you deserve without using complicated "whitening trays". Introducing, Allura Teeth Whitening Powder! This 100% natural powder whitens teeth, detoxifies gums, freshens breath and controls tartar. Finally, a...
R 399.95
Allura Gold Collagen Peel-Off Mask
This revolutionary gold collagen peel-off mask effortlessly slips onto your face and leaves you with a lasting radiant youthful glow and simply gorgeous skin.The Allura Gold facial peel-off mask is formulated with a combination of plant collagen and 99.999% pure 24-carat gold...
R 299.95
Allura Purifying Peel-Off Mask
The Purifying peel-off Mask smoothes the texture of the skin and increases vitality. Who wouldn't want blemish free, youthful looking skin?This deep cleansing peel off mask removes dulling surface cells and impurities while the vitamins and plant extracts soften the skin...
R 299.95
Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth Enhancer
Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth Enhancer increases the length of your lashes and gives you noticeably thicker lashes within only 4 - 8 weeks of use. Eyelash Growth Enhancer not only increases eyelash density but also promotes eyelashes to regroup. In saying...
R 299.95
Aragan Secret Nail Fungus Repair Oil - 10ml
The tried and tested Aragan Secret Nail Treatment with Argan oil keeps your nails smooth, moisturised and healthy.Aragan Secret Nail Treatment’s powerful natural formula is based on Argan Oil which is harvested from the Argan tree found only in Morocco....
R 279.95
Aragan Secret Reshaping Lip Balm - 4ml
Aragan Secret Reshaping Lip Balm redesigns and reshapes your lips for improvement of appearance and health.Expect immaculate results within only 15 days. Benefits of Aragan Secret Reshaping Lip Balm: Lip hydration up to 30% Enhanced plumpness Restored total lip volume Improvement of immediate...
R 299.95
Dermaplaner Replacement Blades
2 x replacement blades for the Igia Facial Dermaplaner.
R 79.95
Detox Tea 2 Pack Combo
Give your body the detox it needs with Remedy Detox Tea. Each pyramid shaped tea bag contains the following: Senna leaves. Nettle leaves. Fennel. Buckthorn bark. Anise. Rosehip. Mate leaves. Buckthorn berry. All of these ingredients aid in detoxing the...
R 249.95
Igia Dermaplaner Hair Remover
Remove Peach Fuzz while providing a gentle exfoliating facial treatment. The Igia Dermaplaner allows you to perform a at-home dermaplaning treatment without the expense and time commitment of a spa treatment. It harnesses the power of sonic, in conjuction with...
R 299.95
Igia Dermaplaner Hair Remover + Replacement Blades
Remove Peach Fuzz while providing a gentle exfoliating facial treatment. The Igia Dermaplaner allows you to perform a at-home dermaplaning treatment without the expense and time commitment of a spa treatment. It harnesses the power of sonic, in conjuction with...
R 349.95
Igia Flawless Facial Hair Remover
The Igia Flawless Facial Hair Remover is the latest solution to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. Many of us know hair removal methods like waxing and shaving can turn out to be quite painful as well as a...
R 199.95
Igia Men's Grooming Kit
Detail head is great for necklines, sideburns, eyebrows, & ear trimming.  Men's Grooming Kit Includes: Sideburn and facial hair groomer Trim, style and shape eyebrows, sideburns, face and neck hair. Stainless steel precision blades. Nose and ear hair trimmer. Curved,...
R 399.95
IGIA Microblading Bella Brow Pen
The Revolutionary Microblading Eyebrow Pen Bella Brow is the NEW revolutionary Microblading Pen, it gives you the look of Microblading with a pen! Made of High Quality and Hypoallergenic Cruelty-Free Ingredients, it fills in your eyebrows with hair-like strokes that can last...
R 229.95
Igia Portable Pressure Water Flosser
No batteries or cords. The easy way to perfect oral care. The brand new ergonomically designed Igia high-pressure water flosser uses Air infusion technology to give your teeth a cleaning far better than your usual string floss and brushing can. How to...
R 149.95
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Igia Razorpit
Make your blade last longer with up to 150 shaves. Fancy a clean-cut shave every day without having to replace your razor blade constantly? Razorpit offers an innovative solution that prolongs the life of your razor blades. Based on the same...
R 299.95
Igia Sonic Plaque Remover - Rechargeable
Get sparkly white teeth with the Igia Sonic Plaque Remover. The Igia Sonic Plaque is specifically designed to remove plaque, tartar build up and stains! It is also known to whiten teeth and ensures happier and healthier gums. All you...
R 499.95
Professional Teeth Whitening Home Kit
A super bright smile awaits you!With Remedy Health Professional Teeth Whitening, you can easily give your teeth a high quality professional dentist-grade whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home. Precise instructions will allow you to shape the provided mouth...
R 349.95
Remedy Health Earwax Removal Swab
The easy way to clean your ears. When too much wax builds up, it can impair hearing or cause an infection. Remedy Health Earwax Removal Swab is the safe, comfortable way to remove ear wax. Using this ear swab is easy....
R 199.95
Triple Blade Silk Touch Body Shaver
Remove unwanted leg hair easily and pain free Hair removal is simple as softly and smoothly gliding the shaver on your skin. The triple rotating heads will leave no hair. The Silk Touch Body Shaver can be used to remove...
R 799.95
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