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11-in-1 Multi Tool LED Commando Light
Always feel safe and prepared in any situation with this 11-in-1 Multi-Tool LED Flashlight. This versatile and feature-packed multi-tool light offers you all the essential tools you may need. ESSENTIAL IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES This light is loaded with essential...
R 199.95
Dancing Stars Laser Light - Red and Green
Dancing Stars Laser is the most spectacular way to decorate your home instantly!Create thousands of sparkling lights in an instant, just plug them in, point and thousands of big, bold breath-taking stars appear right before your eyes! The secret is...
R 899.95 R 799.95
EcoBright Buzz Zapper
Ensure that your relaxation time is spent buzz free! With the EcoBright Buzz Zapper, you don't have to worry about any flying insects buzzing around your ears and irritating you. How? Well, the Buzz Zapper has a built-in UV light that...
R 229.95
EcoBright Colour Changing Hanging Bulbs (Set of 4)
Whether you choose to use them in the garden, while camping, for parties, in the garage or pantry this little light is fantastic. The Ecobright Colour Changing Hanging Bulbs are perfect for use literally anywhere, whether it is indoors or outdoors...
R 599.95
EcoBright Flexi Lite
If you feel like your home is quite dark then one of your goals for your house would most definitely be to add as much lighting as possible. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to...
R 299.95
EcoBright Glow Bright Themed Lights
Let the EcoBright Glow Bright LED laser lights add to the festivities. Create magical looking patterns and images with this fun light when you host parties or simply enjoy the images displayed across your walls whenever you are looking for...
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Ecobright LED Rechargable Bar Light
Illuminate your space with the rechargable 60-light LED Light. Set it on a flat surface with the built-in stand or hang it on the wall. Do not let the lights go out on you with the Homemax LED Rechargable Bar...
R 299.95
EcoBright Running Shoe LED Light
Improve your visibility and safety with the EcoBright Running Shoe Light. This light is multi-use as you can use it when you are walking, running, cycling or any outdoor activities in the dark. Settings to choose from: Continuous.  Flash. Features:...
R 199.95 R 99.95
EcoBright Solar Flame Garden Torch
Create a lovely ambience in your garden with the realistic-looking HomeMax EcoBright Solar Flame Garden Torch. Not only do these garden torches look awesome with their dancing flame effect, but they are water and dust resistant too! This means that they...
R 299.95
EcoBright Toilet Night Light
Do you ever go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and don't want to wake up the household or hurt your sleepy eyes by switching the light on? Here is the solution, the Toilet Night Light, a...
R 149.95
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Homemax EcoBright 8 LED Solar Disc Light (4 Pack)
The Homemax EcoBright 8 LED Solar Disc Light is a great addition to any garden. It will light up your path when you walk around in your garden at night. It is a great way to brighten up your outdoor dinners...
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HomeMax EcoBright Rechargeable Laser Light
Use the HomeMax EcoBright Rechargeable Laser Light - 9 Colour for any time of the year, whether you want to throw a party, use during Christmas time or even just to decorate your home! Features and Specifications: There are nine assorted...
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Homemax Flood Light
The Homemax Flood Light is an energy saving, environment-friendly product.Save more than 80% on your electricity bill.  No radiation, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements. Super bright and high light efficiency with a 90% energy conversion, wide beam angle, high-power...
R 199.95
Homemax Solar Galaxy Star Laser: Red and Green Garden Lights
The Homax Solar Galaxy Star Laser is powered by natural sunlight. So you don't have to worry about wires, mess, maintenance and electricity costs. There are two colour combinations: red and green, red/green combo.Choose from 8 different pre-programmed modes: Constant...
R 999.95 R 899.95
Homemax Solar Galaxy Star Laser: Red Lights
The Homemax Solar Galaxy Star Laser is powered by natural sunlight. So that you don't have to worry about wires, mess, maintenance and electricity costs.2 lighting modes: Flashing red Constant red Why You Will Love The Solar Galaxy Star Laser:...
R 699.95 R 599.95
Ultra Bright Remote Controlled LED Light
The wireless, remote control Wherever Lite works up to 15 metres away from the light or wall switch. The ultra-bright LED natural light and lasts 100,000 hours. The lights can be activated by either manually pushing the front center of each...
R 249.95
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