Homemark Pest Ultrasonic Plug-In Insect Repeller - 2 Pack
Pest Magic is a revolutionary and innovative breakthrough in pest control. Pest Magic is an electronic pest repeller that is both simple and safe. It drives away flies, moths, ants, roaches, rats and mice.Simply plug the Pest Magic into electrical...
R 299.95
Homemax Power Chef Self Sharpening Knife Set
Properly sharpened knives make food preparation faster and easier, giving you clean and precise cuts every time! No matter what you’re chopping, slicing or dicing it will all be as easy as slicing through soft butter. Save time and kitchen...
R 799.95
Leather Repair Kit
R 399.95
Leather Repair Kit
With the Liquid Leather Repair Kit you can repair holes, rips, tears and burns in minutes. Watch the tears disappear like magic, no matter what the colour! Directions for Use in a Few Easy StepsWhether its a briefcase or a...
R 399.95
Mighty Freeze
Making ice with the Mighty Freeze is a super easy three-step process! No more mess or spills when you make ice! Easy 3-Step Process: Fill and slide in the insert Put it in the freezer Pop it open and drop it...
R 89.95
Milex Nutri1200-500ml Jug
Please note: these jugs only fit the new generation Nutri1200 Blenders sold after April 2019  Do you have a Milex Nutri1200 Blender, but feel that you do too much blending for the number of containers provided?  Well, problem solved, treat yourself...
R 129.95
Plug and Safe
The Plug and Safe is the brand new revolutionary way to protect your home. It is a great deterrent for those that are trying to break into your home. This unit plugs into the wall and works with the vibrations...
R 249.95
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